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Your Comfort is Our Specialty

At Oldach USA, we are committed to support our valued customers with quality products within the latest advancements in technology, aggressively addressing the needs of the HVAC industry with complete support of the manufacturers we represent, inspiring confidence in every purchase our customers make.

Innovative Products

Ducane™ products are built to last and lab tested for dependability. Each one is designed to deliver reliable comfort while
helping you save money. No matter what the weather or season, Ducane™ is always the right choice.
Ask your HVAC technician for Ducane™.

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Ducane™ units now feature

Protects against corrosive elements,
extending the life of your unit for years to come.*

When you consider a Ducane™ unit,
quality and value are a given.


* Depictions of corrosion are based on accelerated exterior/interior coil corrosion degradation; actual coil corrosion time frame may vary. Household items like paints, furniture, etc. emanate gaseous substances known as volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are responsible for the new home smell and, when combined with moisture, can create organic acids that cause corrosion. Results are based on comparisons of standard copper tube and aluminum fin coils to an aluminum tube and aluminum fin coil constructed of specific alloys and indicate less corrosion over time. It does not alleviate 100% of corrosive effects.

Higher Standards Can Offer Big Benefits
To save money, Ducane™ has the most efficient heating and cooling equipment for your home and your budget. Designed by Freepik
While similar in appearance, Ducane™ air handlers come with different features and capabilities.
Long lasting Ducane coils are enhanced with Omniguard™ and offer total corrosion protection and improved protection against VOCs.
When the weather is at its hottest, Ducane™ air conditioners are ready to provide economical cooling relief.
Ducane™ packaged units combine heating and cooling into one solution that mounts outside your home.
Always the Right Choice
Ducane™ heat pumps can provide both heating and cooling, making them a smart choice for every season.

Contact us with any Ducane™ products questions.
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Always the Right Choice!


Ducane™ offers cooling products with efficiencies as high as 18.00 SEER. Switching to higher-efficiency cooling equipment can help you lower monthly utility bills.


Even if you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer, heating and cooling equipment installation is a job best left to experts. Improperly installed equipment can not only be very inefficient, it can also pose safety risks to your family and your home. Contact us to connect you with a professional properly trained in every aspect of installation, so you can rest easy knowing the job is done right.


New Ducane™ equipment is more efficient than older systems, meaning you may be able to enjoy the same level of comfort with a smaller unit. Contact us to connect you with a professional knows how to calculate the unit size that offers the best energy efficiency and utility savings for your home.


A new HVAC system is a big decision for any homeowner. Learn more about energy efficiency, so you’ll feel good about your decision for a long time.


José Medina
AC Technician

“Ducane is the brand that I install the most to my clients due to its durability and efficiency. The solid construction makes it superior against corrosion and dents, not like other brands. In addition, the warranty is a great benefit and a very important factor when my customers make the decision to choose Ducane. For me, it is the best AC brand and I always recommend it”.